January 25, 2019


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5.) A Hollywood Thank You

Who says that the adults get to hog all the fun with the videographer in making silly 1-2 minute “shorts”, congratulating the happy couple?  Kids love to get into the act just as much as anyone, and with a few clever props, we can create a red carpeted Hollywood extravaganza both you and them will cherish!  Channing Tatum, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Hart…..the possibilities are limitless and with our simple video camera (or inclusive with the wedding’s videographer services) we create an experience that is unforgettable! (all while keeping them engaged and occupied for a great bit of time ;).


4.) A Gift From the Heart

Nothing says LOVE on love’s biggest stage like a personalized gift.  From handcrafted thank you cards to show their appreciation to custom designed photo frames that rival any Picasso-esque work of art, the small guests will enjoy the creation process of making the  perfect present because it’s for YOU.  So let them get those creative juices flowing, and watch them transform raw materials into a personalized masterpiece!


3.) Did Someone Say Dessert?

Mmm, mmm-hmm!  Nothing says nuptials like sweet treats!  Now, this idea could be contingent on the venue and the facilities that you are granted access to, but what can’t be baked on premises, can be designed on site.  Custom cupcakes, complete with designs, sprinkles, and their own individual “flavor” make for a fantastic gift directly from the little chefs to the big guests!


2.) It’s Our Special Night (or day) Too!


What makes a wedding night most memorable is that everyone had a good time, right?  That most certainly includes the children, of course!  You can commemorate the occasion with a pict-o-gram book that chronicles all the activities of the night.  It also is a neat way for the parents to know what you’ve been up to for the last 5 hours!  It’s a memory that you will certainly cherish.


1.) Everything Else….

The #1 way to keep the little guests involved is to get them involved!  Outside the scope of personalized contributions to the wedding experience, there are tons of activities from movies to games, puzzles, books etc.  The key is to keep them engaged and be diverse enough to cater to the various age groups so everyone feels apart, because if the little guests have a great time, it’s an almost foregone conclusion that the parents of those little guests will have a much more memorable experience knowing everyone was satisfied.

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