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Vacations in park Sitter

Tootles Event Sitters offers professional, caring babysitting in your hotel room or vacation rental.

event chilcare


While the kids are busy being kids, you and your guests can enjoy the adults-only event you’ve dreamed of & a much needed night off for fun.


Private Events

Our team of fully screened, background checked, CPR & First Aid certified and highly experienced wedding & event babysitters guarantee your littlest guests will be safely & securely cared for on-site at your next event.


Corporate Events

Corporate childcare can be a tricky topic. This is where Team Tootles comes in! We are here to take care of your employee’s little ones so you can bring the whole team together.

Not sure what fits your childs needs? Get a free consultation!

Experience you can trust, service you can count on. Tootleseventsitters – OODLES OF FUN!

Principles of our work

Tootles Event Sitters is a vetted & fully insured babysitting service for weddings, special events, conventions and traveling families nationwide.



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All Eyes Should Be On YOU!


First, we’ve gotta tell you….

Kids are our world!!!

Caring for them as our own is what we do.

Answering their million questions and watching their “Look what I can do!” talents is what we love most!

All day. Every day.

But… when you’ve planned long & hard for your wedding day, a big event or even a vacation… you deserve to have all eyes on YOU!

We promise to relieve the stress of deciding what to do with the children during your event & having to inform their parents of your decision.

Even better… we’ll keep an eye on them so you (& your guests) don’t have to!


Would presenting to a room full of professionals and having to speak over a crying child be distracting?


Do you or your guests want to keep track of the flower girl who continually runs off? Or, keep answering “Have you seen the ring bearer?”?


Does having some time (without the kids) during your vacation to connect with your spouse or friends sound enticing?


What would you do if a child broke something during your event? Or worse, got lost or hurt?


We pack age appropriate toys, activities & crafts that provide a full kid-approved experience.

Our sitters & activities will keep the little guests safely & securely entertained for the full duration of your event.

Allowing you and your adult guests to fully relax and engage in everything you’ve planned.

And, it will give your littlest guests the freedom to just be kids!

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From our Blog


My children enjoyed themselves immensely. It’s wonderful to see how much you guys enjoyed playing with them, not just watching them. I would’ve been happy with just babysitting services on location, feeling more comfortable knowing that I can check on my kids, but you guys were so much more than just babysitting.
Michelle Craven
G was trouper at the bridal show on Sunday. We went to see Glamma and say hi to our friends. Tootles Event Sitters was there and G was so excited to see a place just for him. He loved playing on the roller coaster and the craft, he could not wait to give his flower to Glamma! Thank you ladies for being a welcome relief for my little boy!
Ashlie Robertson
I highly recommend these ladies, they have tons of activities to keep all children entertained and genuinely love what they do. I’ve worked with Marcia for many years and she is caring, reliable, fun, loving, silly and takes pride in her work. I’d definitely hire Tootles Event Sitter and you should as well.
Melanie Manning

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