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My children enjoyed themselves immensely. It’s wonderful to see how much you guys enjoyed playing with them, not just watching them. I would’ve been happy with just babysitting services on location, feeling more comfortable knowing that I can check on my kids, but you guys were so much more than just babysitting.
Michelle Craven
“G was trouper at the bridal show on Sunday. We went to see Glamma and say hi to our friends. Tootles Event Sitters was there and G was so excited to see a place just for him. He loved playing on the roller coaster and the craft, he could not wait to give his flower to Glamma! Thank you ladies for being a welcome relief for my little boy!”
Ashlie Robertson
I highly recommend these ladies, they have tons of activities to keep all children entertained and genuinely love what they do. I’ve worked with Marcia for many years and she is caring, reliable, fun, loving, silly and takes pride in her work. I’d definitely hire Tootles Event Sitter and you should as well.
Melanie Manning

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Great service. Took care of all the kids 7yrs and under for our wedding and they all had a BLAST!!! Parents had even more fun knowing their children were well taken care of and in a safe environment. I’d use Tootles a hundred more times if I could!!
P. Stefan Gilliam
We had the privilege of working with Tootles and loved it!! Their attention to detail and positive attitude toward others was noted. They executed the party theme perfectly and everyone had a wonderful time!
Yamarilis Gonzalez
They are great with children and bring lots of activities.
Vicki McCullough
The girls who work at Tootles are fantastic. . They genuinely enjoy being with the children, and work hard to give them a great experience. I highly recommend them.
Joan Allabaugh
We had such a wonderful experience with Tootles Event Sitters! We used them for hotel babysitting for our 2 sons (2 yr old and 7 yr old) while my husband and I had business meetings for two days. On time, professionally went with the schedule we asked for, and just an overall positive attitude! I felt very secure with our sitter and we tend to be very picky about who we let watch our kids! Lastly, my sons were sooooo happy- they had so much fun with our sitter Tyneshia”
Nina Kahn
I have worked with and for Marcia, for many years. She holds herself, as well as those who work for her, to the highest of standards. She is well versed in the care of ALL children, including those with varying levels of abilities and special needs. I highly recommend Marcia and Tyneisha for all your sitting needs.
Geri Huyett
Owner of Tootles Event Sitters

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