June 25, 2022

Top 3 Considerations When You Host Adult Only Events

Over the past few years, more and more people are leaning toward hosting adult only events. With the idea of having less planning to worry about and the hopes that guests will be able to relax and have fun without supervision duties – it makes sense. The problem that people start running into after choosing to not have children at an event is that it really just shifts the burden of planning from the event planner to the guests. After working alongside both families and event planners for years, Tootles Event Sitters has opened up about what to consider when planning such an event. Here are their top three suggestions.

Offer an Alternative for Adult-Only Events

little boy playing with team tootles interactive toys during adult only events

Firstly, making sure that guests are aware of the adults-only status in advance is vital. What’s the easiest way to tell guests it’s a no-kids event? Instead of announcing the event as adults only, Tootles suggests including a note on the invitation or registration that states, “A special kids reception will be provided for your little ones.” 

By offering this alternative from the beginning, guests will be free from the stress of planning for childcare, and everyone can relax and enjoy the event when the time has arrived. Now, a solution has been offered before a problem even exists. That’s next-level planning.

Plan for Great Memories 

Take a moment to think about what it will be like to look back on this event. With adult-only events, guests may struggle to find or pay for childcare on their own. If finding childcare becomes too stressful of a task, they may not come to the event at all. If one special person is not there, whether it be a beloved family member, cherished friend, or influential chairman, it may impact the overall event. 

Don’t risk losing out on memories. When event planners choose to partner with specialized event sitters like Tootles, they are planning for a successful and memorable event all around. 

Shift the Point of View

Planning an event can be stressful, but take a moment to look at it from a guest’s point of view. Arranging travel can be overwhelming: whether they’re flying, renting a vehicle, budgeting for a ride service, or driving their own vehicle. Then, if the event is out of town, they may be trying to find lodging and figure out mealtime options. Add even more stress to these scenarios if the guest is traveling with children or trying to arrange for their own sitter to come to the event. 

options for little guests at adult only events

Again, with this added stressor, some guests may decide that staying home is the easier option. When specialized, quality sitting services are provided, the point of view shifts from a guest stressed out from planning and constantly ‘checking in’ with a sitter during an event to a relaxed, focused, and happy guest.

Having an adults-only event doesn’t have to add stress to anyone’s life. Tootles Event Sitters have experience working alongside family and corporate events, and they also come prepared with plenty of engaging, developmentally appropriate toys and games for the children. Plus, all sitters are CPR certified and background screened.

When planning any event, let Tootles Event Sitters care for and entertain the smallest guests for you. Contact Tootles today to plan for great memories.

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