Consulting Services

The Sitter Service System

The Sitter Service System is a comprehensive coaching program that helps new business owners looking to get into child care services launch their business and brand.  Learn from Tootles Event Sitters CEO, Tyneshia Perine how to grow your sitter service from the ground up through the following offerings:


1 on 1 Coaching, Business Audits

The Sitter Service System offers one-on-one strategy sessions so we can help define your needs and determine the right path and course of action to help you grow in the right direction. Setting you up for success.

Services include:

  • Customized Coaching Plans
  • Business Review & Audit
  • Set-up of Pricing & Packages
  • Marketing & Sales Strategies


Lunch & Learns, Breakout Sessions, Workshops

Choose from a variety of topics that are formatted as Lunch and Learn sessions, breakouts or workshops built around your conference or company’s needs.

Topics include:

  • Running a women owned business while parenting
  • Do you have the hustle and do you know how to Grind
  • It’s all in your mind
  • Shit happens, get over it


Staff Training, Templates & Sales Tools

Request customized training built for your business. Sales Tools and Templates also available.


  • Engaging children at events
  • Running a successful event
  • Working as a team during events
  • Your Topic of choice


Tyneshia Perine is the proud owner of Tootles Event Sitters, a successful event sitting company that she has grown from scratch over the course of getting married in 2010 and starting her company the same year, trying to get pregnant, having fertility issues, experiencing loss, birthing children, losing jobs, going to school and just plain trying to manage her life as a mother & now a widow.

Tyneshia is a go-getter who has defied the odds and achieved success in the wedding industry, a field that is notoriously difficult to make profits in.

With her early childhood training, twenty-plus years of working in the childcare industry, personal parenting experiences and over ten years of entertaining children throughout Orlando, she has become an expert at creating OODLES of FUN for the littlest guests at weddings, events and vacation destinations nationwide.

Tyneshia is a member of the leadership team for Women on the Rise International, Inc Orlando Chapter.

Passionate about educating women that they can run a successful business and parent. Tyneshia has started a new adventure in dedicating herself to providing the tools and resources that current and new event sitting businesses need to be successful. Her entrepreneurial spirit and humanistic approach have made her a role model.