Vacation Babysitter and Disney Theme Park Nanny, Orlando Florida


Vacation Babysitter and Disney Theme Park Nanny, Orlando Florida

Tootles brings the fun to you!

Tootles Event Sitters offers professional, caring babysitting in your hotel room or vacation rental. Our sitters arrive wearing our logo shirt and bring along their “OODLES of FUN” bag – which includes activities, toys & crafts tailored to the children they will be watching over!

Whether you’re looking for a few hours while attending an event (Hello City Walk!), or want some peace during park time without having to worry about kids being bored; selecting Team Tootles makes it easy because we offer all these services plus more.

How can Tootles Help Your Family?

Family vacations are a time for everyone to relax and have fun. However, sometimes vacationing with young children can be anything but relaxing. They may get tired quickly, need constant supervision, and want to do different activities than the older children. This can make it difficult for everyone to enjoy the vacation.

This is where Tootles Event Sitters come in.

We can accompany you on vacation and provide quality care for your children while you enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation. We can also take them to the more child-friendly areas at Disney or other theme parks while you spend time with the older children on the roller coasters. This way, everyone gets to enjoy the vacation and create lasting memories.

Safety First

We take the safety and well-being of our little guests very seriously. That is why we have a strict no-water policy.

This includes baths, swimming, or being around any large body of water. We understand that your family may enjoy taking a dip in the pool or going for a swim, but unfortunately, these activities are not allowed while Team Tootles is caring for your children. We want to make sure that everyone stays safe.

Our sitters are trained professionals who will take care of your child’s every need, from snacks to playing and cuddling too. And because we know that every child is unique, we customize our service to meet your individual requirements.

We have a four-hour minimum for our in-room sitting service, and any booking over six hours will require you to provide a meal for the sitter. So rest assured that your child will be well-cared for while you’re away.

*Fees for in-room service vary based on location, the number of children, and hours needed. 

Not sure what fits your childs needs? Get a free consultation!

Meet The Founder

Tyneshia Perine

I am Tyneshia and this is… TOOTLES EVENT SITTERS!
That’s right. I am the owner and creator of all the OODLES of FUN!
But, I don’t really like to throw big words around like that. So, you can just call me Tyneshia. 😉