June 10, 2022

How to Overcome The Conference Childcare Condundrum

Conference childcare is a great way to ensure all participants have a productive and enjoyable experience. It can also help create a more diverse and inclusive environment. There are a variety of ways to provide conference childcare. It’s important to work with a professional provider who can help you create a plan that meets your specific needs. During your event, you can consider including on-site childcare and off-site childcare. 

This service is becoming increasingly popular as more companies recognize the importance of providing this service for their employees. Corporate childcare providers can offer a variety of services. Some of these include childcare in specific locations, all-day care, or individual services in hotel rooms. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks; it is important to carefully consider the needs of your participants when making a decision. 

Conference Participation

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Conference participation can be vital for networking, building relationships, and exchanging ideas. However, participation can be difficult for parents, guardians, and caretakers who have to worry about childcare. By providing a safe and nurturing environment for children while their parents attend various sessions, you can facilitate increased participation. This can help increase attendance, improve focus on the conference information, and provide a worthwhile experience for everyone involved. 

Aside from improved employee productivity, stress levels are lower knowing their children are being professionally attended to while they work. This will lead to increased employee satisfaction because participants of the conference know their children’s needs are being met. Having active participation from all attendees is easier to accomplish when children haven’t been left at home.

Tootles Event Sitters

Conference childcare is a great option for keeping the little ones safe and sound while participants enjoy their big day. When selecting a corporate childcare provider, it is important to consider the number of children attending the conference, their ages, and any special needs they may have when selecting a childcare option.

Tootles Event Sitters is a professional childcare service that offers on-site childcare for weddings and other corporate events. Tootles is dedicated to providing quality care for children of all ages, so you can rest assured that your children will be in good hands. As the #1 recommended childcare provider in Orlando for special events, Tootles has a long-standing reputation for caring for children beyond just babysitting. Children are engaged in interactive activities that stimulate their minds and keep them thinking of new solutions to each problem they face. 

With Tootles Event Sitters as an on-site sitting team, conference participants can drop in and visit their children during lunch or other breaks. This gives conference participants a chance to physically see their children without having to make nervous phone calls home to ensure everything is ok. 

On-Site Childcare

On-site childcare can be a great option for conference participants. It allows parents to fully participate in the conference without having to worry about their children, and it gives children the opportunity to socialize and interact with other children while their parents are busy. This option allows parents or guardians to attend the conference while their children are being cared for on-site. This is also a convenient option for parents who do not know the selected conference area to arrange off-site childcare. It can also be a cost-effective option, as on-site childcare providers are located within the conference space in a close-by room. 

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One downside of on-site childcare is that it can be difficult to find a provider that can accommodate the specific needs of your event. With Tootles Event Sitters, we have a variety of trained professional sitters who can be on-site for your requested hours during the conference. Our team is scalable to your event size so we are meeting your needs and the hearts of the parents. Tootles Event Sitters bring OODLES of fun to the littlest guests, and we have options to make it work for you. With on-site childcare, you can make it an inclusive benefit of the conference and parents are more likely to appreciate the company they are working for and traveling to learn from. 

Off-Site Conference Childcare

Off-site childcare can be a great option for conference participants as well. This option allows parents or guardians to attend the conference and children are being cared for at an off-site location. This works well for parents who want their children in their hotel rooms as opposed to the conference site. It can be a cost-effective option as off-site childcare can be an add-on for individuals to include in their tickets. 

One downside is that off-site childcare may not be available during the entire duration of the conference. Depending on the hours you would need a childcare provider, some special arrangements may be needed. The best option is to discuss your childcare needs with the Tootles Team. How we can best serve your conference participants?

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Event planners work hard to ensure that their corporate clients have a successful and memorable experience at their conference. But one important detail that is often overlooked is childcare. Tootles Event Sitters is a corporate childcare provider that offers childcare for conferences and corporate events. We believe that offering corporate childcare is important for several reasons.

First, it allows parents to fully participate in the conference without having to worry about their children. Second, it provides a much-needed service for working parents who might not otherwise be able to attend the conference. And finally, it shows that your company is committed to families and values and work-life balance. For your next corporate event or conference, we urge you to consider Tootles Event Sitters as your corporate childcare provider. We are dedicated to providing quality childcare that will allow your participants to fully enjoy and participate in the event. Contact us today to discuss your requested dates for your conference!

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