May 20, 2022

Understanding What Kids Actually Do with the Tootles Team

When someone says the word ‘babysitting,’ a few things may come to mind: Pizza, t.v., and maybe some coloring books. With specialized event sitters like Tootles Event Sitters, however, parents can rest assured their children won’t be sitting in front of a television for hours on end. In fact, Tootles Team is proud to say they go way beyond the average sitting service.

Drop-Off with Tootles Team

When a child arrives for care, parents are typically surprised at what Tootles has to offer. With events ranging from 4 to 8 hours, Tootles’ specialized sitters are always ready to move in and out of different play activities. This keeps children entertained and engaged throughout the evening. They create activities specifically for each child’s age and developmental stage

two little boys dressed as ring security

Toys and activities are planned around the room to allow for smooth transitions, so sitters can introduce different games and activities based on a child’s changing mood and interests.

After a smooth check-in process and a peek at the agenda, parents are able to relax and turn their full attention to the planned event, knowing that their children will be well cared for and have fun.

During the Event

Who needs to save the best for last? A Tootles’ experience starts with the craft table or playdough sets, Legos, and other favorite activities. This helps them feel relaxed and allows them to start having fun right away. Everything is set and ready for them to play and use their imagination.

overhead picture of three children playing with arts & crafts on the floor with the Tootles Team

As previously mentioned, Tootles serves children ranging from infants to age 12. To be sure that everyone has fun, sitters are prepared with age-appropriate activities for each child.

Sensory and STEM projects are a huge hit and are great for developmental exploration for younger children. For added ease and comfort, Tootles Team also provides infant furniture like pack ‘n plays, swings, bouncers, and more.

Tootles Team also offers exploratory STEM projects, like making slime (a definite favorite), baked snow, and decorating cups for older children! They’re also ready with other activities that give kids plenty of opportunities to have fun and move around to use their energy. 

Tootles arranges large group activities and games like karaoke, video games [ages 5+], and playground games. The older kids seem to especially enjoy the plastic roller coaster and giant-sized game of Connect 4.

Tootles Team sitting at a table interacting with a child

To minimum overwhelm (yes, there is such a thing as TOO much excitement) Tootles typically doesn’t introduce too many activities.

Non-Play Routines

Tootles’ sitters are ready to take care of a child’s every need. Aside from providing hours of fun, they perform all standard daycare activities including bathroom breaks, meal monitoring, diaper changes, bottle feedings, and nap time. They also offer to complete these activities according to a parents’ schedule, if provided.

If meals are scheduled during a child’s stay, the client can provide food or parents can access Tootles’ à la carte service. Tootles is very cautious when it comes to food allergies and always collects this information before food is introduced.

Signing out with Tootles Team

By the time parents are ready to head home, their little ones have had hours of fun with their new friends. Not only do parents love that their children had a great time, but they’re also surprised by a signature craft made by their child and a framed candid shot to take home!
At the end of the day, the reviews say it all. Clients come to Tootles Event Sitters time and time again because they know they can be trusted to care for their little ones while parents network at corporate events, celebrate at a wedding, or just have a fun night out with friends! Contact Tootles with any other questions regarding services available.

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