May 7, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Week: 5 Ways to Say Thanks

This week we are showing our love and appreciation to the people who are in our village and help raise up our children just as much as we do. It’s teacher appreciation week and we have a few suggestions on how to show your appreciation this week.

1. Gift Cards for Summer Fun

Everyone loves gift cards. They can be used when money is tight, when you are on a road trip or even held on to to re-gift later down the road.

As summer approaches, think of your teacher and what she may be doing this summer. Chick-fil-A, Panera, Movie Theaters, Indoor Children’s Play Spaces, Museums, etc. are many of the places that are frequented during the summer for us moms. And, if your teacher is a parent, they’ll most likely be going there as well.

2. Gift Cards for Supplies

School budgets only allow teachers so much room to purchase items for their classrooms before it has to come out of their own pockets.

Consider purchasing gift cards for Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Staples or a wholesale store (i.e.: Sam’s, Costco).

One of our other favorite suggestions is Teachers Pay Teachers. This site is ran by teachers for teachers where they buy, sell and trade their teaching resources. It’s every teachers favorite site.

And, they have gift cards available for purchase directly on their site. They can be emailed or printed and placed into a card for your child’s teacher.

3. Flowers & Chocolates

All of those little “knick knacks” that read “World’s Best Teacher”, they are cute but believe us when we say your child’s teacher does not want them. They take up space and adding one more to the THOUSANDth one they’ve received since beginning their teaching career isn’t on the top of their favorites list.

But… flowers and chocolates? Everyone loves flowers and chocolates. Add a little thank you note personally written by your child and you have the perfect teachers appreciation gift.

4. Pen & Paper

Teachers have a lot of papers to grade and notes to write. A stationary set, a good personalized pen, gel pens, sharpie markers, dry erase markers etc… they all are their favorites.

5. Buy Them a Meal

Send a note in your child’s backpack or send teacher an email/text asking if you can bring them breakfast or lunch one day during the week and what they would like to have. Or, just show up with coffee & donuts!

To all of the teachers that brighten our children’s lives… we wish you a beautiful week and a fantastic summer! Thank you for making a difference in our children’s lives daily. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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