October 15, 2020

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Tootles Event Sitters

Every time we spend another late night celebrating with the littlest guests while the hosts and their adult guests enjoy all of the festivities, we fall more and more in love with what we do and want to share it with all of you! That’s why we’ve written 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Tootles Event Sitters (us!).

It’s been eight months since we’ve spent a late night entertaining children at a celebration. Our hearts have been aching to get out and do what we love the most.

The time is almost near!

We are just 24-hours away from heading out to our first wedding in months! (Can you hear the loud cheers from our offices?!)

We’ll be sharing more of our OODLES of FUN with you next week, but in the meantime… check out why you should Fall in Love with Us too!

Without further ado…

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Tootles Event Sitters

10. People think we are absolutely hilarious and entertaining; which makes us a HUGE hit with kids.

9. Our bright colors will make you happy too!

Team Tootles at the florida wedding expo and the owners are in their bright rainbow colored tutus.

8. 99.9% of the games, crafts and activities at our events are things we chose because we are 99.9% big children ourselves.

Child playing in ball pit with event babysitter

7. Tootles tagline says – We bring OODLES of FUN!…. what’s not to love?!

sitter on floor playing with lots of toys with kids and her shirt says "We bring OODLES of FUN'.

6. As mothers ourselves, we know the absolute importance of safe, secure and entertaining child care for you & your guests children. We have five very active children between the two of us. We know how quickly “I’m bored” can fly out of a child’s mouth. We know it takes a LOT of patience and a LOT of enthusiasm to keep kids fully engaged and happy. Our business and all that we bring to your event… it’s been 100% kid-tested and mother approved! 

tyneshia & marcia surrounded by their kids

5. Our event sitters are fully vetted and have at least three years of child care experience. They are teachers, child care professionals, tutors, nannies and mothers. They all enjoy working with children.

4. Tootles Event Sitters is 100% insured.

Wedding and Event Babysitting

3. We love weddings & events AND touring venues. If we haven’t previously worked at yours… we will schedule a tour so we can get acquainted with the catering staff, make sure the space we’ll be caring for the children in will hold us and is safe, locate the restrooms and coordinate any little things like food/beverage and having pillows/sheets sent to the room to keep the kiddos happy and entertained comfortably.

Orchid Garden at Church Street - Grand Ballroom set up for a wedding with white chairs, large chandeliers hang above and white wrought iron railings throughout.

2. Kids LOVE us! – Look at the photos & videos on our social media and website. They have sooo much fun during the events (& so do the event hosts and their parents!).

1. Tootles Event Sitters takes the stress out of informing guests that you are hosting an adults-only celebration. Booking us will allow you (and your guests) to fully relax and engage in everything you’ve planned. And, your littlest guests will have the freedom to just be kids! We’d say that is the #1 reason to fall in love with us! 

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