May 6, 2022

4 Reasons to Offer Childcare Services at Adults-Only Events

It’s completely understandable; after putting countless hours into planning an event, the goal is to have it run as smoothly and effortlessly. Throw in the idea of having children attend and things can get… unpredictable. However, specialized event sitters have proven that offering childcare services can make your event even better. Here are four reasons to seriously consider offering child care alongside any event:

1 – It Takes Time and Energy to Create the Perfect Event

Whether it’s an intricate corporate event, a beautiful wedding, or a parent’s night out, a lot of work goes into planning. That effort shouldn’t go unnoticed. When the event day arrives and all the details are on display, guests need to be present to soak it in.

Ally & Connor at Orchid Garden

When an event offers specialized sitter services, that’s exactly what happens! Parents can focus and enjoy themselves knowing that their children are close by and are being cared for by professionals. 

There’s also no need to worry about planning extra activities alongside the event. Unlike the average babysitting experience, Tootles Event Sitters bring an abundance of fun activities for children of varying age levels. Little ones will create memories while they ride roller coasters, sing karaoke, or play with play dough and other STEM activities.

2 – Childcare Services Give Parents a Mental Break 

It’s true… some (if not most) of the guests at the event will be parents, and they need a break. They have moved their usual schedules around to attend. Depending on whether or not the event is local, they may have even booked transportation and lodging.

Tootles Sitters & children sitting on the floor playing different games

If they are spending money to attend an event, they will want to enjoy it without worrying about their children. When an event offers childcare, it provides guests with an invaluable mental break. This allows them to enjoy themselves and, as mentioned above, to be more attentive to the event itself!

3 – Childcare Services Increase Attendance

People are excited to network at corporate events, reunite with old friends at a reunion, and celebrate love at a wedding. However, finding reliable child care can prove difficult (Yes, even with advanced notice).

When events offer trusted sitter services, parents are more likely to attend because they don’t have to worry about childcare. The hosts don’t have to worry about the inevitable last-minute cancellations. A stress-free, pre-vetted sitter option could mean higher attendance. This could increase the value of a corporate event or provide more opportunities to make memories with loved ones. 

4 – Post-Event Satisfaction

When parents return home with their children and settle back into normal routines, one of two things can happen. If a child was understimulated and fed sugary snacks, trying to get them to bed may have guests chalking the day up as a nightmare. However, after spending time with a specialized event sitter, families are able to finish their evenings with less stress. Their children have been engaged in developmentally appropriate, stimulating activities that prevent an end of day energy build-up. With less stressful bedtimes, guests are able to reflect positively on the time spent at the event.

Tootles Sitters watching a child use her imagination

While bedtime routines may not be top of mind when planning an event, Tootles Event Sitters is proud to not be an average sitting service. Tootles goes above and beyond for their clients, meaning they’re always thinking outside the box. This is reflected in their rating as Orlando’s #1 recommended, vetted & fully insured babysitting service for weddings, special events, conventions, and traveling families. 

When it comes to events of any size, it’s clear that partnering with a trusted event sitter like Tootles to provide specialized childcare will improve the overall experience for planners and guests alike. Create a positive, memorable experience for everyone. Book an event sitter today!

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