April 17, 2020

Esther | Sitter Spotlight

1. I am a social butterfly. I love making new friends and meeting new people. Building relationships everywhere that I go.

2. I hate being late. I always try to be 10 minutes early to any appointment and make sure I leave time for traffic or unforeseen circumstances.

3. I love going to Disney. I worked for the company and am now an Annual Passholder. The Magic never goes away! 

4. One famous person I’ve met was Sam Hunt, I won a meet and greet for his concert in California! 

5. I value honesty, when situations happen at work or in life I like when people are just honest and tell me the problem so we can work through it!

6. If I could travel to one place it would be Italy. Their culture and history is something that’s always fascinated me! 

7. I’ve always secretly wished that I could learn how to fly a plane so I can travel when I want too! 

8. I have 3 siblings, one is older and married and about to have my first nephew! The second is younger and will be married in 2020 and the 3rd is my younger brother the only boy! 

9. I enjoy working with children because I love seeing the smile on their face when we are playing a game or watching their favorite movie! Their giggles and laughs are one of the most joyous sounds there is. 

10. My experience working with children is long. I started working in my church nursery at 12 and from then have had various nannying, babysitting and childcare jobs. In college I worked in After School programming with 1st-5th graders for 2 years and it was the best job I ever had! 

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