April 24, 2020

Tammie | Sitter Spotlight

1. I am a person who is always 15 minutes early (if not more) to where I need to be. I feel like I am late if not. 

2. I hate tardiness

3. I love my family, fur babies and my job. 

4. One famous person I’ve met was…Chris Brown

5. I value people. I always try to leave a person better than I found them. 

6. If I could I would travel the USA and see the many wonders of our own country. 

7. I’ve always secretly wished that I could be courageous enough to sing on something like “The Voice”. 

8. I have Three grandchildren. Two girls, a boy and another grandson due any day. 

9. I enjoy working with children because I love to see their smiles when they actually understand something they have struggled with. 

10. My experience working with children is, I started baby sitting when I was 10, my mom was always next door if I had a problem but yes I was 10. Since then I was privileged to Have four children of my own. I have worked the last 25 years with Lake County Schools and I am a Senior Site Coordinator for our Before and After School program. I also Mentor 6 other schools and their programs. Before that, I had my own Daycare in my home when my children were little and also worked at a Pre-School two years before my time with the County. So, I have many many years experience. I have also worked part time for Walt Disney World as a member of Splash Mountain and drove the river rafts to Tom Sawyer Island.  

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