April 9, 2020

Kayla | Sitter Spotlight

1. I am a busy body. Always on the go trying to think ahead of what should be done next.

2. I hate.. well I don’t hate anything I dislike like things because to hate is not nice, so I dislike to hate. 

3. I love my kids more than anything but I mean Chicken & Yellow Rice is pretty close to how much I love them #Ilovefood

4.One famous person I’ve met was… well I’m boring I have never met anyone famous I really don’t get into all that wanting to meet someone famous but one day I will meet the most famous and that’s Jesus.

5. I value people and their feelings! 

6. If I could I would take away all the hurt that goes on in this world! Other than that, I would go sit on a mountain drink a coffee and just sit and think for hours! 

7. I’ve always secretly wished that I could have a magic house cleaner! 🙂 Something that knew just what I wanted and BOOM it was done! lol

8. I have a heart that just wants to make people smile and make their day better if I can. 

9. I enjoy working with children because they are amazing!!! To watch them grow while playing/learning helps us as adults grow. What’s more amazing than that?? 

10. My experience working with children is a blessing! To be apart of so many little lives and to enjoy their experiences of learning or just being wowed is like WOW!

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