February 25, 2020

Annie | Sitter Spotlight

Annie Fotheringham

We love sharing our sitters and how incredible they are. This week, we are sharing Annie.

Annie has over 15-years of experience working in early childhood & special needs classrooms. She’s also a mom of twin boys! (That alone makes her an expert in our book. 🙂 )

Here’s a bit more we learned about Annie recently…

1) I am a voracious reader. I love reading fiction, non-fiction, biographies, just about anything!

2) I hate being late. I’m always the early bird and like being ahead of the game.

3) I love being outside! Our family goes hiking, fishing, camping, and participates in all kinds of outdoor activities.

4) One famous person I have met is the guys from DC Talk! I saw them at a Billy Graham crusade when I was a teenager and met them afterwards.

5) I value family time. My kids and husband are my favorite people and I love spending time with them.

6) If I could only have one food for the rest of my life it would be pizza. My childhood love of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles led to a lifetime obsession with pizza.

7) I’ve always secretly wished that I could time travel. To see the first settlers in America, to travel back to the ages of kings and castles.. so many time periods that seem so fascinating!

8 ) I have an affinity for folk/bluegrass music and live music festivals. We go to several every year and they are the highlight of each season!

9) I enjoy working with children because even the mundane can be exciting through a child’s eyes. They remind me to look at the world in a bright way every day.

10) My experience working with children is extensive. I was a paraprofessional for students with special needs for eleven years in our public school district. I also have been a nanny and a babysitter since the age of 16, and I have worked at camps and programs for children with special needs since I was 18.

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