January 24, 2020

Fun Fact Friday: “We DON’T bring THAT!”

It’s the first of many Fun Fact Friday blog posts. This week, we are letting you in on what we do NOT bring to our events.

Almost daily, we share a number of things we bring to our events with our followers on social media.

From bubbles to ride-on toys – we bring a gamut of toys, crafts and activities to keep the littlest guests happy, content and entertained for hours while in our care.

But… do you know what we DON’T bring to our events?!

**Drum Roll Please!**

That’s right. The sparkly (& incredibly annoying) stuff (better known as GLITTER) stays at the craft store; where it belongs (in our opinion). Ha!

Seriously though.

We want to leave a lasting impression. However, glitter sticks around wayyy longer than any impression can and will! And, we are totally not fans of that.

We know kids love glitter, but the venues we serve during our Wedding & Event Babysitting Service LOVE that we have a “no glitter” policy. It’s reassuring to them [the venues] knowing the space we utilize during the event will be left as it was found; everytime.

Don’t worry though! Our littlest clients seem to be perfectly happy with the crafts & activities we provide that don’t include glitter.

Thanks for reading our Fun Fact Friday post!

Are you not a fan of glitter either? Tell us about it in the comments.

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