March 14, 2020

Coronavirus Boredom Busters for Kids

Coronavirus Boredom Busters for Kids

It’s official. Florida schools are closed until March 30th. Don’t worry though – we’ve compiled this list of Coronavirus Boredom Busters for kids.

Having two weeks off for spring break sounds great to the kids. But, if you’re a parent (like us), then you’re probably wondering “What am I suppose to do with them for two weeks!?!”.

Especially since everything has either been cancelled or closed!

No theme parks.

No events.

No movies.

It’s only a matter of time before we’re hearing “Mom, I’m bored!”, right??


The great news is… we’ve created this great list of ideas to help combat the boredom and stave off the “I’m bored” for the next few weeks. (We’re in this together y’all! We got this!)

If you don’t have these items in stock at home… It’s ok! They can all be ordered via Amazon or Target. I’ve even included the links for you!

1. Paint by Sticker Books

I purchased Paint by Sticker Books for my own children at Christmas this year. They are both Christmas themed, but my kids don’t care. They LOVE them! They have so many different themes to choose from too.

I must say, they are pretty darn cool! Once all of the stickers have been placed onto the picture, it actually looks like it was hand-painted!

You can purchase your children’s paint by sticker book for around $6.00 on Amazon.

Of course, any type of stickers and a piece of construction paper can entertain children too. has a great sticker sorting activity that the kids love to do too.

2. Science Kits

Another Christmas gift I purchased for the kids this year. And, thankfully, I did what every mom does and hid a few in their closets when they weren’t looking! (Specifically for desperate occasions like this! Don’t judge me! Ha!)

The kids are going to be so excited when I pull out their Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium Kit and their 100+ Science Experiments Book.

3. Dollar Store & Dollar Spot Activities & Crafts

If you’re like me, you LOVE Target’s Dollar Spot. And, it’s ok to admit that you sometimes buy more than you need. (Me too!) I mean, can’t have enough craft kits . Can you?!

Did you know that you can buy some of the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar & Target Dollar Spot items online?!

Since Easter is coming up in a few weeks, now would be a great time to make a few crafts for the house, to mail to the grandparents or for the teacher once they return to school.

Do your kiddo’s love Ryan’s World like ours do?? Well, check out Target’s Giant Surprise Egg activity & Jellybean Necklaces (we might have to add these to Tootles event babysitting crafts for next month!). Your kids are going to be soooo super excited to create these!

Ryan's World Giant Surprise Egg - Coronavirus Boredom Buster for Kids

4. Get in the kitchen

Kids love getting in the kitchen and creating messes yummy things with their parents.

From cakes, to pies, to individual pizzas… the sky is the limit on the number of things you and your little ones can create together.

Plus, it teaches them how to follow directions, take turns and cleaning up after themselves. Not to mention, the pride they have when they have the finished product in front of them to admire…AND taste!

The best part though, having their full attention on you and soaking in all of that special bonding time. Memories and treats will be made.

Tasks to give your kids to get them in the kitchen with you! - Coronavirus Boredom Busters for Kids
Not sure what cooking skills your child should be able to master? Take a look at this Kitchen Skills by Age infographic from Thirty Handmade Days.

5. Put them in water

Yes, you read that right. PUT THEM IN WATER!

I’ve said this from the moment I started caring for children. It doesn’t matter how upset, mad or agitated a child is… place them in water and their (& your) mood will entirely change!

You could place a small kiddie pool out in the driveway or set up a sprinkler. But, here’s one of my kids favorite things to do…

Grab some paintbrushes & washable paint (you can even use bathtub paints) and let the kids paint the walls, themselves, their toys etc with the paint in the tub without any water in it.

This messy fun can last for quite some time. And then, the clean up is simple! Turn on the water!

Once the water has come on, you’ve created yet another activity to keep them happy & contained.

Easy clean up bath paint recipe - Coronavirus Boredom Busters for Kids
Take a look at this BATHTUB PAINT RECIPE from Eating Richly.

So, there you have it. Five fun and creative Coronavirus Boredom Busters for Kids… to (hopefully) help keep your kids busy and your sanity in tact during this extra time off.

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