January 9, 2020

Event Child Care | What is it?

Event child care is a specialized and convenient form of child care.

It can be utilized for a multitude of events like weddings, conventions, conferences, corporate events and family reunions. 

Wedding and Event Babysitting

Event child care providers are hired to care for the guests children on-site or in a private location for the duration of an event.

This gives hosts and their guests the ability to fully submerge themselves into the event.

On-site care is available for children ages 0-13 at a venue, resort or vacation rental.

Event sitter plays with child during event with games, toys, crafts and activities.

Play equipment, activities and entertainment is provided to keep the children fully engaged and cared for in a fun & safe environment.

This includes items such as toys, crafts, ball pits, crawling tunnels, ride-on toys, games, music, movies and a multitude of movement activities.

Keeping the guests children safely contained, cared for and fully entertained during the event is the responsibility of the event sitters.

Therefore, they make sure to bring the necessary equipment needed based on the ages, restrictions and interests of the children in their care.

Sometimes, this may include adding additional baby gear such as pack-n-plays, exersaucers and high chairs. Or, including a few video games and movies for the older children.

Pre-registration of the guests children allows event child care providers to fully gain information on the children that will be in their care and creates a less stressful environment on the day of the event.

Event child care providers are knowledgeable, experienced and highly-regarded as professional play specialists. Many of them are teachers, child care providers, Nannies and parents themselves.

Each provider is fully vetted, certified in CPR & First Aid and trained.

Knowing that the littlest guests are being cared for nearby by highly qualified & fully vetted professionals provides peace of mind & a stress-free event.

And, as The Knot put it “Spoiler Alert: You’ll get more YES rsvp’s by providing on-site care for your guests children”.

Interested in knowing more about event child care for your event? You can find more frequently asked questions and their answers in our FAQ section. Or, simply fill out our inquiry form to receive immediate customized information for your event.

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