August 14, 2019

Top 5: Entertaining Kids At Events

When your guest list includes children, you are faced with the challenge of creating an event that caters to all interest levels. This can be tough when you’ve had your sights set on a cigar-rolling station or an open-bar (just to name a few). Thus, leaving entertainment for the children absent from your event.

With our help, we can work with you to create the perfect kids reception area that is separate from your event space. We will provide a kid-friendly space that will keep them contained, safe, busy and free from meltdowns during your event; providing you with the perfect opportunity to create the adults-only event you’ve been dreaming of.

Kids receptions aren’t always limited to just toys, games and activities. Sometimes, we have the added benefit of creating an engaging themed event for the children within our care.

With the help of the client, we work together to create a theme that best fits their event, the children’s interests and the personality of the clients themselves.

Sometimes, hiring outside babysitting services for your wedding isn’t a feasible option. That’s why we’ve created this list to help you create the perfect space to keep children entertained at your next event.


Bubbles are loved by all children. Fill a small baby pool with bubble solution, drop in a few bubble wands and a hula hoop or two and you’ve created an activity that will keep them happily entertained for hours.

#2: Blocks

Whether it’s one of those huge outdoor jenga games, building blocks or legos… children love playing with blocks! It allows their creative minds to be at work. And, a creative mind at work means they are happy, content and sitting still.

#3: Crafts

photo by: Lori Barbely Photography

The kids table doesn’t have to be limited to just paper & crayons. Those are great too, but crafts that can double as favors, treats etc are even better! Consider adding a cupcake or cookie decorating station, maybe a silly putty or slime station or even a sand-art station… there are so many great ideas in terms of crafts to keep the littlest of hands busy.

#4: Games

Kids LOVE games. Whether it’s a classic board game like chutes and ladders or a entire video game station, games are the perfect activity for hours of entertainment for all ages.

#5: Hire Entertainment

Hired entertainment is the best way to keep children entertained during an event. From face painters, magicians, balloon artists, children’s musicians etc, we can help you set up the perfect entertainment schedule for your littlest guests.

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