January 16, 2020

Event Planning Tips | Guest List

Event planning can become overwhelming.

We hope to help relieve some of that stress!

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This week, we chatted about planning out your guest list.

Even if you are in the early stages of planning your wedding or event, we encourage you to begin with your guest list.

Why you should start your event planning with your guest list:

1. You’ll need an approximate number of guests to determine the size of the venue space you’ll need.

2. Knowing how many guest will be attending helps you to adequately budget; leaving wiggle room for all those little details that add up.

3. It gives you a big picture look at how many children will be attending & allows you to plan whether you would like for them to attend or not. (May we suggest an amazing event child care business?! Ha!)

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We hope you’ll mark your calendar for the next TUESDAY’S WITH TOOTLES!

About Tootles Event Sitters

Tootles Event Sitters is the #1 recommended Central Florida babysitting service for weddings, events and traveling families.

Our service prevents the stress of last minute cancellations or a guest bringing an uninvited child to your event.

Above all, our team of fully vetted & highly qualified wedding & event babysitters guarantee your littlest guests will be safely & securely cared for on-site at your next event.

From age appropriate toys to kid approved snacks & crafts, your littlest guests will be begging to come back before the night is over.

As a result, you and your guests can enjoy the adults-only event you’ve dreamed of & a much needed night off for fun while the kids are busy being kids.

Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, holiday party, or private function, Tootles Event Sitters is here to help with our wedding & event babysitting services!

Is there something you’d like to hear us chat about on our next live? Drop it in the comments or shoot us an email at info@tootleseventsitters.com.

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