August 18, 2020

Orchid Garden at Church Street | Ally & Connor’s Wedding

When Ally & Connor contacted us to work at Orchid Garden at Church Street, we had no idea that it could be both our FIRST AND LAST time working there.

The History of Orchid Garden

In 1972, Bob Snow (a Pensacola, FL entrepreneur) purchased & built several buildings next to the Church Street Train Station for $22 million.

It’s what we now know as CHURCH STREET STATION.

The hall and meeting facility was created in the image of a New Orleans courtyard when Bob Snow built it in the ’80s. He spared little expense, using real marble, brass light fixtures, stained glass windows and wrought iron railings.

In 1985, it attracted more than 1.7 million visitors, making it the fourth-largest tourist attraction in Florida, after Walt Disney World, Sea World and Busch Gardens.

But by the 1990’s, Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando perfected their own downtown entertainment districts, which drew business away from Church Street, and by 2001, most of the businesses that were part of Church Street Station (Cheyenne Saloon and Rosie O’Grady’s, to name a few…) were failing or closed.

After changing hands several times (Paris Hilton had her own VIP club in Orchid Garden in 2004), the property was foreclosed in 2009.

Final Renovations

Tremont Realty Capital renovated the Orchid Garden for $2 million in 2014 and fed life back into the incredible venue space.

Orchid Garden Ballroom at Church Street set up for a wedding.
Photo by: Tootles Event Sitters

Sadly, the Operators of Orchid Garden & The Ballroom at Church Street announced they would be closing the venues in May 2019. Just months before Ally & Connor were set to be married there.

Our Experience at Orchid Garden

On August 18, 2019, we walked into Orchid Garden and our jaws literally dropped!

The place was absolutely phenomenal!

The grand staircase with it’s wrought iron railings. The stained glass windows that let just enough light into the ballroom to cause all the crystal fixtures to sparkle. And, that courtyard!


Orchid Garden Grand Staircase at Entrance
photo by: Tootles Event Sitters

Ally & Connor’s Big Day

Sadly, the last wedding post on Orchid Garden’s Facebook page is from Ally & Connor’s special day. It reads, “Walking into the next chapter of your life together with grace and with style!”.

photo by: Sydney Marie Photography

And that, they did!

They both have sooo much style & grace and it was an absolute pleasure to be a small part of their big day.

We wish you both many more years filled with happiness, love and OODLES of FUN!

Happy 1st Anniversary from all of us at Tootles Event Sitters!

Ally & Connor’s Wedding Professionals
  • Photographer: @SydneyMariePhotography
  • Florals: @WoodlandWilde
  • Cakes & Treats: @CakesbyClaudia
  • Gown: @TheBridalFinery
  • Venue: Orchid Garden
  • Planner: @CityBeautifulEvents
  • Event Sitters: @TootlesEventSitters

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