January 24, 2023

3 ways to tell your guest it’s a Adults-Only Events

It’s completely understandable: After putting countless hours into planning an event, the goal is to have it run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. Throw in the idea of having children attend and things can get… unpredictable. 

Wedding Website:


The ring is on the finger and the planning has begun. You have sat down and designed this beautiful website for your guest to go to for information instead of ringing your phone off the hook. One section of your website says “ Adult only wedding” if you are going on a magical vacation while you are here. Here is an Entertainment Sitter company we have vetted and will watch the little ones while you enjoy the food and beverages at the wedding. 


Wedding Invitation

Place on your wedding invitation and RSVP card “ This is a Adult only Wedding” or “Reception” 

On the RSVP card you can place a Entertainment Sitter company you have vetted information for them to reach out to.


Wedding Invitation

Wording is very important when trying to get the message across that you are hosting an “Adult only wedding”. 

 If you are wanting “NO” kids from the ceremony thru reception, you must put WEDDING. That will make it clear that they are not allowed at the ceremony. 

If you put the word reception they will think that kids can come to the ceremony and cocktail hour, but not at the reception. 

Wording is very crucial in getting the message across. It must be the same in everything you do when you are giving wedding details to guests.  Let’s face it, some families and even friends don’t listen.

Now that you have three ways to tell your guest “ Adult only Wedding” or “Reception” 

Grab your favorite beverage and let me tell you I was in your same shoes when I got married. My husband is from the midwest and I am from dirty Jersey and this was the first in the both of our families that an actual wedding was taking place in Sunny Florida. 

We knew that we did not want any kids at the wedding. A boy did get some push back. 

We had them walk down the aisle, took pictures and a car was waiting for them to take them back to the hotel. SERIOUSLY! LOL 

When I sent my RSVP’s out I said “ If you are needing childcare, you need to send back $30.00 a kid” and guess what they did. Now this was pre-covid and pre $15.00 for a dozen eggs.  My family and friends sent the money back, me and my now husband just paid the difference in making sure the kids were having fun and the parents were having a night off!

That’s actually what launched me into starting Tootles Event Sitters. I knew if I was looking for a service other couples were to0. I wanted to make sure I could help serve couples like you by providing a stress-free Adults only event that is FUN and memorable (in a good way), and not just any service but a service that when the parents picked up the kids had a smile on their face from all the fun they had. 

I’m going to be sharing some of my most helpful ideas in the next email and I want to hear from you on how your own planning experience is going so far.  What’s keeping you up at night right now, when it comes to whether you should have your sibling kids or not?

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