March 16, 2016


Reader Question: “We are hosting a kid-free event. What is the proper etiquette for informing our guests that an event sitter will be available? And, how do we mention that we would like them to help pay? Is it ok to do so?”

Tootles Answer: YES!!! It is absolutely ok to pass the small fee for an event sitter on to your guests!

Event Sitter and child playing with play dough at an event at Venue 1902 in Sanford, Florida.

Sometimes, the only way a guest may be able to attend your event is by bringing their small child(ren) along.

First of all, you’re eliminating some major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) for your guests with children by providing an on-site event sitter. Secondly, you’re relieving the added stress of them having to find child care so they can attend your event.

Every parent will greatly appreciate your gesture and gladly pay for a service as such. Plus, guests are willing to pay for services like this because it makes their time at your event just as special. 

Providing a babysitting service on-site or in private rooms for a small fee is a great option!

Plus, hiring an event sitter prevents guest no-shows (due to a last minute sitter cancellation). And, you from having to pay for a seat that isn’t filled.

Inform your guests that child care will be provided by placing insert cards in your invitations.

These could read something like,  “As much as we adore your little ones, our venue and location does not accommodate small children. However, we will have a babysitting service set-up for those needing to bring their little ones. There will be a small fee per child for the entire evening; which may be paid for on our event website. Thank you!”

You can also eliminate your guests anxiety of leaving their children with “strangers” during your event by providing more details on your event website.

These details may include: Name, qualifications and reviews of the babysitting service and their sitters, what the children will be doing & eating during the event, registration information, contact info and a few photos from the event sitters portfolio.

Trust us when we say, “Your guests will not mind paying a small fee for peace of mind”.

Plus, it’ll make your event much more enjoyable for them without having to rush home and relieve their sitter.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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Reader Question: “What is the proper etiquette for letting our guests with children know that there is going to be a professional sitter at our wedding? And, how do we mention that we would like them to help pay? Is it ok to do so?”
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